We find ourselves in mid-2020, in the midst of a global pandemic and an awakening to systemic racism in the US and in the world.  As humans we are feeling an empathic response to other’s suffering like never before.

By understanding privilege in the individual, in institutions and in systems, and how it perpetuates itself, we can begin to see how to dismantle racism, starting with ourselves. By its very nature, white supremacy culture is difficult to see without having it directly pointed out. It is an act of universal compassion for us to witness the suffering that whiteness causes both in the white person and in people of color.

How the Course is Structured

Groups of 3 – 4 people will move through the curriculum together at their own pace, choosing their own meeting times and places, either online or in person (with physical distancing).   The groups will meet 8 times as part of this course and may choose to continue meeting after the course is completed.

A list of suggested readings, videos and/or podcasts are provided within the curriculum along with an agenda and set of discussion questions.  Each group should expect to meet for about 2 hours per session.  The group should meet at least twice a month or more frequently if desired.

If the group will be meeting online, a member of the group will be chosen to set up the online meetings, or that responsibility may rotate.  This person will not be the group “leader” since we suggest that no formal leader be designated.

For each meeting a facilitator will be chosen.   The facilitator's role is to maintain focus and keep time.  If they choose, they may also add relevant discussion topics.

It is expected that everyone who joins a group will be committed to completing all 8 sessions.